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Together since 1969

BEDA SA is a purely Greek company that has dominated the industry of manufacturing and trading exhaust systems, catalytic converters, and enhancements for approximately 50 years

With continuous and gradual growth grounded in the vision and hard work of its founders, BEDA SA has forged partnerships with major companies in the automotive industry such as CITROEN, NAMCO, STAYER, TEOKAP, OPEL, ELVO, and MAHINDRA, serving as a key supplier. Simultaneously, the company has expanded its export activities to Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Cyprus, and the Balkan countries.

At BEDA, you will find a state-of-the-art facility exceeding 5000m2, capable of servicing vehicles of all types for any repair and maintenance task related to automobiles.


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BEDA constantly monitors developments, respecting the timeless values of the past. It focuses on the present while simultaneously casting a strong gaze into the future. Constantly innovating, it leverages the benefits of the digital age and invests in new technologies that are more human and environmentally friendly. Always relying on its ingenuity and the reliability that characterizes it.